Ross McLachlan is a Postdoc in the Connected Experiences Lab at Cornell Tech.
He recently completed his Ph.D in the Multimodal Interaction Group at the University of Glasgow,
supervised by Stephen Brewster in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen.
He is interested in Human Computer Interaction, User Experience and how to design good technology for humans.

Pressure Input on Tablets

Primary Ph.D Research

Investigating the use of isometric force (pressure) input, as a non-dominant hand input modality, to support bimanual interaction techniques for touchscreen tablet devices.

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Research Prototype

Finetuner allows users to explore music at a high-level (e.g. selecting angry music) or seamlessly engage to make specific selections (e.g. albums in that area). Engagement is signalled using pressure input: increasing the amount of force applied signals increased engagement.



Personal Project

Using clones of my library, three virtual agents with divergent listening habits explore their recommended artists, creating playlists of the music they have discovered.


The Party Fountain

UIST 2013 Student Innovation Contest

Users can dynamically change the music by experimenting with the taps, which control mood features, with the spectacle reflecting the shared nature of musical experience.



Masters Project Research

Musicons are extremely brief samples of well-known music used in auditory interface design. By exploiting existing associations and emotive memories, reminders can be created that are private, memorable and easy to learn. We were particularly interested in using these cues in the context of homecare reminders.